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In 2 days, February 25 and 26, 2022, in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, more than 3,000 sales specialists in the North and the South attended the kick off & training event of MerryLand Quy Nhon grand project with Canal District subdivision – the Kingdom that never sleeps.

The presence of a large number of agents and sales specialists created a very exciting and exciting kick off ceremony atmosphere, and at the same time proved the irresistible attraction of MerryLand Quy Nhon "tropical wonder" masterpiece.

Attraction from "tropical wonder"

There was a jubilant atmosphere with full of enthusiasm and the fierce buoyant spirit of sales warriors throughout the event in both the South and the North. The investor Hung Thinh Corporation transmitted the fire of passion, enthusiasm and "dare to think, dare to do" to partners, distributors, especially the love for luxury real estate products of Hung Thinh Legacy - the luxury real estate brand of Hung Thinh Corporation.

Merryland Quy Nhơn 
At the White Palace convention center, Ho Chi Minh City on February 25, the whole auditorium was packed with the participation of more than 2,000 sales warriors.

 Merryland Quy Nhơn
The Board of Directors and a team of PropertyX sales specialists were full of energy at the event.

Sharing at the kick off ceremony in Hanoi, Mr. Nguyen Van Cuong, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hung Thinh Corporation, and Chairman - General Director of Hung Thinh Legacy emphasized: “Along with the introduction of MerryLand Quy Nhon - a project that creates a world resort class in the coastal city of Quy Nhon, Hung Thinh Corporation officially opens a new chapter in the journey of developing and perfecting the real estate ecosystem and towards enduring values for the past time.

The newest member of Hung Thinh real estate ecosystem - Hung Thinh Legacy will bring a collection of luxury and super-luxury real estate product lines, "before making shoes, measure the size" for the elite owners - those who always aim for the most quintessential Truth – Goodness – Beauty values and aspire to the legacies after life".

Merryland Quy Nhơn 
Mr. Nguyen Van Cuong affirmed: MerryLand Quy Nhon will open an exciting journey of breakthrough with new successes.

According to Mr. Cuong, each Hung Thinh Legacy branded product will be an architectural mark and fully preserve the inspiration for the surrounding community. Hung Thinh Legacy also applies the most modern technologies, respects green space and refines the world's most advanced utility systems for projects. All quintessences of international 5-star standard utilities, prime location, unique architecture and smart technology are gathered at MerryLand Quy Nhon - a pioneering product, associated with Hung Thinh Legacy. MerryLand Quy Nhon "Peninsula city" is developed by Hung Thinh Legacy with the strictest international standards.

Signing of strategic cooperation agreements with 12 agents

Also at the event, Hung Thinh Legacy Co., Ltd and PropertyX held a signing ceremony and awarded the certificate of official distribution agent of MerryLand Quy Nhon project. Accordingly, 12 agents honorably become the official distributor of MerryLand Quy Nhon project, including: Real Estate Joint Stock Company 5, Mai Viet Land Joint Stock Company, CEN Business Subsidiary Management Company Limited, S-REAL Real Estate Joint Stock Company, G.EMPIRE LAND Joint Stock Company, Minh Minh Group Joint Stock Company, An Vuong Land Property Service and Trading Joint Stock Company, Bac Ha Land Group Corporation, Northern MLAND Real Estate Joint Stock Company, NAVI Developmental Investment Joint Stock Company, Titan Luxury Company, An Phuc Real Estate Joint Stock Company.

This strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony opens a sustainable relationship in the journey of spreading the good values of "Smart Commercial Peninsular City" MerryLand Quy Nhon to potential customers.

 Merryland Quy Nhơn
Representative of Hung Thinh Legacy signed a strategic cooperation agreement with 12 distribution agents of MerryLand Quy Nhon project.


Merryland Quy Nhơn 
Representative of Hung Thinh Legacy awarded the certificate of official distribution agent of MerryLand Quy Nhon project.

Through the event, the most complete information about this continental entertainment resort complex has been brought to the warlike "warriors" to further understand and love the project and convey the investor’s enthusiasm to customers.

In particular, information about the Canal District subdivision drew special attention from agents and sales staff. This is the first subdivision in the overall MerryLand Quy Nhon super project marketed by Hung Thinh Legacy in the first quarter of 2022. With the core central location of Hai Giang peninsula, diverse design ideas, carrying the nuance of a new urban area in Quy Nhon, the place where typical streets of many countries around the world converge, Canal District will be a new destination to attract tourists in the near future.

Merryland Quy Nhơn 
Mr. Pham Hung - Marketing Director of PropertyX shared interesting information about the MerryLand Quy Nhon project.


Merryland Quy Nhơn 
Mr. Tran Quang Trinh - Vice Chairman of Hung Thinh Corporation shared more useful information about the business model at the Canal District.


Merryland Quy Nhơn 
Mr. Doan Thanh Ngoc - Permanent Deputy General Director of PropertyX answered questions about the project from PropertyX sales specialists in the Q&A section.

Canal District "vibrant heart" forms 36 multi-purpose streets with more than 50 architectural samples inspired from West to East on an area of 67 hectares. The novel business model Bizhouse connects the operation according to smart standards, helping easily synchronize information for managers, and at the same time create convenience for customers during shopping time.

When being put into operation, Canal District will become a "Kingdom that never sleeps", is vibrant day and night with a series of places for check-in, entertainment, recreation, food... opening up exciting experience opportunities for visitors to the world of wonder.


  Merryland Quy Nhơn 
Perspective image of Canal District - The Kingdom that never sleeps.

Along with the advantages and special design ideas of the Canal District, in the kick off & training event, the sales specialists were shared and introduced by PropertyX’s Board of Directors, leaders of Hung Thinh Corporation, Hung Thinh Legacy and Hung Thinh Retail together with future commercial operator Hung Thinh Retail with specific information about the potential, infrastructure in Quy Nhon, the attraction of MerryLand Quy Nhon and the potential from the breakthrough business model Bizhouse...

MerryLand Quy Nhon is located in a wonderful natural land area - Hai Giang peninsula (Nhon Hai commune, Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh), a rare peninsula developed for commercial tourism in Vietnam. This is also the unique peninsula of the whole country that converges the wonderful terrain with mountain embracing valley and valley interconnecting blue sea all year round.


Hung Thinh Corporation devoted a lot to create MerryLand Quy Nhon into Asia's new tourist destination.

Carrying the mission of awakening the sacred land with extraordinary people, creating MerryLand Quy Nhon - "Tropical wonder" to become an Asian destination, Hung Thinh Corporation has invited nearly 20 global brands to work together to create and secure for quality and potential in exploitation and operation: Greg Norman, Marriott, Sheraton, Steelman Partners,...

"MerryLand Quy Nhon will contribute to turning Hai Giang - Quy Nhon into a funnel to attract international visitors and refresh the journey of Vietnamese tourists," Mr. Nguyen Van Cuong said.

The kick off ceremony of the MerryLand Quy Nhon project drew the attention of sales warriors.

Possessing unique values, MerryLand Quy Nhon is proving a strong attraction in the market, is a sought-after project that has set a record of conquering customers in 2022.

Photos of kick off & training event of MerryLand Quy Nhon project in HCMC:

Overview of kick off & training event of MerryLand Quy Nhon grand project, Canal District subdivision - The kingdom that never sleeps, boomed in Ho Chi Minh City.


The lively performance of singer Toc Tien at the event.

The vibrant and colorful performance of singer Trong Hieu at the event.

PropertyX sales specialists participated in the mini-game to answer questions related to the project and receive on-the-spot rewards right at the event.

PropertyX leadership expressed its determination to conquer MerryLand Quy Nhon project.

PropertyX sales warriors stood up to support the kick off ritual.

PropertyX sales warriors stood up to support the kick off ritual.

Photos of kick off & training event of MerryLand Quy Nhon project in Hanoi:

After the resounding success from the kick off event of the southern real estate market, on February 26, the kick off ceremony of MerryLand Quy Nhon project "pioneer in conquering, awaken the wonder" took place in Hanoi.

Energetic atmosphere, blowing up the fire of passion for the project of sales warriors at the event.

The show left many impressions with elaborately choreographed music and stage and top-notch performance art.

Mini game program with valuable rewards brought many emotions.

The kick off ceremony of the MerryLand Quy Nhon project drew the attention of sales warriors.

The agents all showed their determination to conquer the list of products of the MerryLand Quy Nhon project.


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